Ghost Boy – Car Animation Short Clip

3D Car Animation Made with #blender for the #cgchallenge context by @andreylebrov I used blender v.2.83 for modelling,rendering and compositing . edited with hitfilm express ! it’s roughly take me one month to complete the challenge!. hope you liked it…

Sneaky Guards

Here is an animation I’ve worked on a month ago. I’ve always wanted to do a small fight scene with more than 2 characters. I saw a 2 sec clip from Tekken 6 opening cinematic and came up with a…

Covid Chaos

Like all of you, I have respected and observed the lock-down to do my part to help contain the Pandemic. I also wear a mask and try to practice good social distancing. I was able to continue to work from home…

Dog Fight

Small Test animation Clip for a current Sci-Fi story I’m developing. Music: ” Gundams are on Earth” – Toonami

Cubekins Ed Comparison

A little #BrainyPixel #Cubekins #cleanup #clip. On the left is the raw #mocap and #facecap data and on the right, #refined #animation. Lighting and camera still needs to be tweaked, however. Let us know what you think!

Jennifer Braun Animation Demo Reel

Jennifer Braun Animator/Layout Artist 520.243.3302 Demo Reel Breakdown Contact Information 1.”Bad Foods; ColorQuest AR App”: Lollipop and Cake Characters from the ColorQuest AR App by StayHealthy Inc. and Theory Studios. All animation was done in Blender. My contribution: All…

The Corridor

Inspired from a 1st person scene in the movie, The Villainess. I recreated the shot, hand-keying out the 10 characters, and putting a little spin of my own, on the player character. This was both fun and challenging to do,…


Using a select group of audio samples provided by A Sound Effect, the goal was to bring both atmosphere and narrative to this short clip. Fingers crossed.